100 WC WEEK 10

The great beast roamed towards the kids, and as he shivered the kids ran. For all they were worth. They could see only one escape from the cave and they headed straight for it. But somehow the light was fading from existence and after about 5 seconds it was gone, they were trapped. They had no way out, but there biggest problem was the beast chasing behind them. They had a far bit of ground on them but the monster was fast. So they had to hide. They climbed up a wall that was covered in little cracks so they could climb, at least they wouldn’t get eaten.

BTN – GST changes

The GST tax is a tax that most Australian kids have to pay. And its charged on things you buy or on things people do for you.

Taxes are used so the government has enough money to pay for important things. But some things like eggs and flour aren’t taxed. But some things we buy are. Which means most Australian kids have too. This is called the GST (the goods and services tax). The GST is 10% of the price we pay for our food. The services part is when people do things for us. If something was to cost you $200, $20 directly to the government.

The GST tax was introduced in the 2000’s, but long before it they had the idea. All the money raised and collected would go to the states. It was very controversial but after long debates it was finally introduced. But there was still some compromises the government had to agree to.

Like the fact that some things had to be excluded, like basic foods. This includes bread, fruit, milk,etc. There are some health, education and exports are GST free as well.

Overall the GST raises about 50 billion dollars a year which is a lot of money. But now the federal government has plans of changing it to raise more. Some of the possible changes are increase the percentage that goes to the government or removing the exclusions of the tax on things like basic foods.

but the change is a big deal and all of the states would have to agree with that first, what whatever is in store in the future is sure to be a good battle.

100 WC WEEK 9

I lifted the heavy cat as I walked towards my swimming pool. I knew today was going to be very very hot. So I bought a nice looking green ice box to keep my drinks nice and cold. I don’t know why I brought my cat with me, maybe I was bored. For some reason my cat loved the water. Apparently cats aren’t meant to like the water. So in a way my cat is special.

I looked down at the surface of the pool and saw a crack, it must be broken. It was bit late though as I jumped into the water.

We’ve all heard of weird organizations but this one is different. It’s an organization that motivates kids to go to school, and they have an interesting way of doing so.

They’ve decided to help kids by going to school by having one rule. No school no sport. This foundation started about 15 years ago with just 25 boys. Now it’s gone to 59 academy’s. The foundation helps with work and health along with some extra life skills.

This is also a good way of motivating kids to become athletes. Some kids from the program have made it big so they’re hoping they can do the same with cricket.

part of the program is for each kid ho have training and some practise games. Which all leads up to big tournaments. Their ambitions are for some kids to were the respected baggy green!

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 2

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about working backwards.

Read: Fill in the missing number.
_/5 = 9

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: What’s the missing value?

Mathematicians toolbox: I used the strategy of have I seen  similar problem.

Solution: First I multiplied 5 by 9 and got 45 then to check I divided 45 by 5 to get 9 so my answer was 45.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get an answer of 45.

100 WC WEEK 8

I was running fast, close behind me was a freaky person. Dressed from head to toe in black cloak. I don’t know what his problem was but I didn’t want to find out. I could see a little shop to my left so I ran towards it. I looked inside through a window on the side of the shop. Inside it was dark but I thought I could make out a figure. So I knocked on the door but no response. I checked the door by pushing. The door shut, and I knew that something bad was happening. Oh no!

BTN -Cat ban

In Canberra there is talk about banning cats from rooming outside their property. That means their owners have to keep them in cages all the time or just keep them inside. One of the reasons that the Canberra City are looking at it is because of  them hunting native animals. Conservationists and even cat owners are getting behind because it can help cats live longer lives.

There are many different opinions on this topic and if Canberra go ahead with the new law it would be an Australian first.


Predict: I predict this question will be about chance.

Read:What is the probability the spinner will land on five? Spinner numbers contain 1 2 3 4 5.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians toolbox: I used have I seen a similar problem?

Big question: What is the chance that the spinner will land on five?

Solve: First I  saw that all the numbers had equal chances so the 5 had a 1 out of 5 chance that the spinner would land in it.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get 1 out of 5 of 1/5.

100 WC WEEK 7

I could not believe the smell. It rose up from beneath the earth. I think the smell was coming from the ground because it was coming in waves of steam. I really wanted to go, but of course my parents had some reason to stay that isn’t even relevant to the tour. I started to gag the smell was horrible. I’ve I stay any longer I might throw up. I really had to get away so I told my mum I was going to the toilet. I probably wouldn’t go back to the tour, I bet the toilet smells better!

BTN – Lacrosse

There are many sports we’re not familiar with. One of those sports could be lacrosse. Some people would say they’ve never heard of lacrosse but some would say they have.

Lacrosse started in native America. Hundreds of people played the newly founded game. It’s changed a lot since then, but now in America and Canada it’s increasing in popularity. Lacrosse is becoming more world wide and Australians are starting to take interest.

In men’s lacrosse there are 10 players on each team including the goalkeepers. They have to do what ever they can to get they ball into the back of the net with their lacrosse sticks. In women’s lacrosse there are 2 extra players and it’s a non contact sport.

So, although you might not know what lacrosse is there are people who are trying to make it bigger in Australia.