Camp Reflection (I couldn’t believe it when….)

I couldn’t believe it when we were at questacon, and I saw the giant vertical slide. When I walked in that was the first thing I saw. I also heard screams as I saw people drop from the metal bar, sliding down the huge slide. But the funny thing was that we had to wear these weird looking jumpsuits, it looked like we were tradies at work. I liked the look of the side and decided to give it a go. The jumpsuits didn’t only look weird but also felt rather uncomfortable. It’s also very hard to walk up stairs in them. We were in groups of about 10 when we went for our turn. I was about the third or fourth one to drop. It was very nerve racking watching everyone else go so that’s why I went as soon as possible. The sudden rush you felt was breathtaking. My stomach lurched and it felt like I was flying until I hit the slide and I came back down to Earth again. That was the first time I had experienced something like that before. It made me wan’t to do it again so I did exactly that. But as I was walking up the stairs the rest of the group left. So there I was with 10 others. Waiting for everyone to go down the slide. This time around, it felt different, the rush was the same but the experience wasn’t. It felt like it only lasted a second.

We ended up waiting in that games room for a while, because people were still going down the slide. Out of everything we did on camp questacon may have been the most enjoyable experience of all.

Shrine Recount

On the 3rd of September 2014 the year 5/6’s went to the Melbourne branch of the battle for Australia shrine. On a bus, the whole group went into the city for this event. The commemoration started at 11:00 am and the first feature was a museum flypast of a RAAF war plane.Followed by this was a prayer from Chaplin Bryan Nicholls. The Royal Melbourne philharmonic Choir sang “Be still my soul” by Katharina A von Schlegel.

6 students from various schools made speeches about the war in different areas.These speeches were different in ways that some people talked about the conditions. Others may have talked about the preparation leading up to war. Some were about some of the obstacles soldiers faced.Followed by the speeches was “I am Australian” by Bruce Woodley. We were addressed by Rear Admiral John Lord AM (retd). He talked about the involvement everyone had in the war. He also stated how rough the conditions were for the soldiers and touched on mateship and teamwork. The second prayer for Bryan Nicholls came after John Lord.

Two members from each school placed a wreath of flowers beside the internal flame. This showed respect for all the soldiers that gave their lives for their country. We were asked to stand for the “last post”. We remained standing but this time in silence as we remembered those who fell in war. There was one more item left and that was our national anthem. As everyone rose from their seats the music echoed through Melbourne’s city center. Chaplain, Bryan Nicholls ended the commemoration with another blessing followed by closing remarks from the MC.

Once the event had finished we went to take a photo with soldiers. The whole group was allowed to take a look at the internal flame and maybe a chance to be on T.V!!! the experience of being there will probably be with us forever as well as all the new things we now know about our country’s history.

Multi-age reading recount

On the 28/8/14 everyone from prep to 5/6 did a multi age reading activity. I was split up into 5/6C B. For this activity we read the book called summer rules by Shaun Tan. For our activity we had to reconstruct the image on the last page as a diorama. The image was of two boys on their couch. On the wall behind them there were images of all their rules. To do these dioramas we worked in groups. In my group I had Toby, Sophia and Rowan. We had about one hour and twenty minutes to complete this activity. In our diorama we had a light blue couch with pillows and people on it. We had a T.V. on a bench. On our wall we had wall paper with patterns on it. We just managed to finish but one of our highlights was our dangling light. After we had completes the task we took pictures with it in our group. The dioramas we made a being displayed in our library.

A snapshot in time

The fierce wind surrounded the mutton bird nesting ground. The wind was cold and harsh it felt relentless. The native wildlife seemed to be growing curious of the passing group of interrogating children. The smell of the salt  water took over the fresh clean air. I could hear the cry of kids trying to prevent inhaling the air. The narrow path felt never ending , it felt like fighting a war battling brutal winds and the taste of sea air was overpowering I covered my face with my top trying to block out the stench.



I was very excited when I woke up because it was the day of the Gala Sports When we got to school after the bell had gone we lined up in our different sports. I was playing cricket. On the bus I sat next to my friend Kallum. We

were going to Fairburn Park to play cricket, when suddenly a land mine went off underneath the bus and it shot us into space. We hit the moon and as in Alice in wonderland there were randomly some space suits, so Kallum and I put them on. We saw a big black thing. We walked towards it. Suddenly we were sucked in. On the other side there was a city. We both looked at each other in amazement. We walked on, there was a school there so we went to see what was in it. What a mistake! One of the teachers thought we were students so she grabbed our arms and dragged us in. She sat us down at a spare desk and said what we thought was “detention after school!”, but we didn’t know. This was turning out to be a really bad day. So much for being excited about Gala Sports.

Swimming Carnival Recount

Swimming Carnival Recount

One day at Moonee Ponds Primary  School we had an annual swimming carnival between our four houses Lawson( which I am in) Banks, Chislom, Macurthur. We all walked down to queens park swimming pool to do our swimming carnival. We all walked to the pool in our house teams.


I helped set up our shelter so we could sit underneath it.

I was In the second race of the day the boys 100m open freestyle I was really excited about it at the end of the race I ended up coming 6th. Then I had another race that was also freestyle for the year 5 boys I came first in that one so I went up to get my ribbon.


Then I did a year 6 backstroke race and came first in that to so again I went up to get my ribbon. The next race I had was the year 5 breast stroke which I came 3th in so I got the third place ribbon. Then I had a freestyle relay which had 4 boys and 4 girls we came fourth in that.


I had one more race for the day even though it wasn’t really  it was the wading race a race we were so close but we just came second so then I went to get my ribbon.


After all the fun and excitement we got a little bit of a free play but then we had to get change and pack our bags  to get ready to walk back to school.


We walked back to school in our houses again we got back to school near the end of the day. When we arrived at school and had a school assembly to announce the winner of the carnival.


4th was Macurthur

3rd was Lawson

2nd was Banks

1st was Chisolm

I think in the end the day was really good and I really enjoyed it.



Swimming Recount

It was avery cold day, it was the day of the swimming carnival.

We were walking to Queen’s Park Swimming Pool.

It was the fifth of march, we were doing an inter house swimming carnival we were doing it it with our four house teams Lawson, Chislom, Banks and Macarther.

First I did the 100 meters with Dominic one of the Lawson house captins, right after that I did the 50 meters with Dominic agian then I was swimming in the 50 meters butterfly race. Later I did the 20 meters brestrokeand finally I did the waiting race after that I really wanted a break.

Then we walked back to school and we a whole school assembly and char the P.E teacher anounnced the winner of the siwimming carnival after that day I was very very tired!!