Scientific Prac Report – Dissolving Packing pellets into water

Aim – To see how the packing pellets dissolved in cold water

Materials – One glass beaker, 40ml cold water, one
packing pellet

Method – Place pellet into cold water. Observe what
physical/chemical changes happen to the pellet.

Results – Over time the packing pellets dissolved.

Observations – The water deformed the pellets and started to dissolve them. The packing pellets dissolve quicker in hot water.

Discussion – The packing pellets dissolved faster in the hot water than the cold water.

Conclusion – The packing pellets broke down and dissolved in the water. But the hot water was more efficient in dissolving the pellets.

Shark culling argument letter

Jack L,

Stop culling sharks,

Dear WA government,                                                            87 Wilson st

Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

I am writing to put forward the idea to stop shark culling. It deeply saddens me to think that we are just randomly killing such a big part of our eco system. Not only me but thousands of other Australians are just like me arguing for the freedom of our sharks. You should listen to our scientific community. What they have to say is important. They have researched these topics for years and I know you’re just ignoring them.

I don’t know why we are killing particular types of sharks. These animals are a huge part of the food chain and our natural eco system. The Great White sharks are endangered but you see them as so much of a threat that you kill them. All humans and animals are equal and all have their own rights. How we have evolved in such a way that would drive us towards killing our animals shocks me. I’d hate to think what half-witted claims were going to make next.

I don’t know why you aren’t just ignoring everyone’s suggestions. Haven’t you seen the thousands of protesters gathering at beaches trying to be heard? Even professional scientists are disagreeing with your plans. Not only them but even shark attack victims are say this plan is idiotic. They way you’re using the nets are not only harm full to sharks but even humans. If anyone happens to swim to far they might get stuck.

Finally that what we are doing is evil. We should take responsibility of our lives, and realise that every time we go in the water that there are other animals as well as us. The risks we take are our own fault and shouldn’t wreck there habitat just because we don’t agree with it. Our natural world is at the point in time were it can’t handle all the pollution. Instead of putting in nets to kill sharks they could also kill dolphins and turtles.

I put forward this statement to not only the WA government but to everyone that thinks that wrecking our waters is a good idea. Implementing this plan is an extremely unintelligent thing to do. The risks that were putting our animals are ridiculous. Going forward with these plans will cut our shark population dramatically. For all the reasons above I hope that you accept this and take it into consideration.



Yours sincerely Jack L, MPPS

Cyril Wecht mini forensic scientist project

Cyril Wecht

Cyril Wecht was born in March 20 1931 he was an American forensic Pathologist and his parent were Jewish immigrants.

He was born in a village called Bobtown. He studied at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States. He moved to Pittsburgh with his family and they opened a grocery store. He achieved high grades and liked to play sport he also played the violin.

A forensic pathologist is a branch from medical science that combines medical science with the law.

He received his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his law degree from the University of Maryland. Interested in legal medicine he studied in pathology with intention to go into forensics. After serving in the air force he looked towards forensic pathology.

He currently works in the medical department at the University of Pittsburgh. He has been a consultant in a number of different high-profile cases. He is most renowned for his criticism of the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Some of the cases that he was involved in was the assassination of Robert F Kennedy. His part was to find information about the bullet the hit Robert F Kennedy he also looked at his stomach contents to see if he was poisoned before by someone else.

He was also involved in the death of singer Elvis Presley he looked at the contents of his stomach to see what he might have eaten or if he took any drugs.

He was also involved in the Sharon Tate murder. His part was to find bullets from the gun that shot those people that was in the house and also tried to find any stab wounds.

He is currently living in the United States and is 82 years of age.

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Cyril Wecht