BTN- Kid Causes

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge? Heaps of us got involved. It was all about motor neurone disease. Do you know that organ donation is very important? When you think about it all these great and wonderful campaigns and ambassadors have been bought to us by many young children. There is also one more thing, we’ve all heard of the noble peace prize right? We all know its usually an adult that wins it right? We’ll not this year. This year 17 year old Malala Yousafzai. She has been fighting for children’s rights since she was a little girl. This has made her nationally recognised and even won her a noble peace prize!!

BTN -Fairy Business

Have you ever wondered how small businesses start? Or how old you have to be to start one? Well there’s an answer to the first one but the second one, has many answers. Take Samara for example, she started making fairy houses to raise money for her school and now she’s only 15 and has her own business and even published a book!

Usually to start a small business u need passion for the idea and Samara definitely has that. She lives in Bali and in her spare time she teaches the locals to make their own fairy houses.

So the moral is if you really believe in something and want to go forward in it keep trying even if you don’t succeed at first.

BTN – G20

The G20 is a push to solve many worldwide problems. There are only 19 countries in the G20 plus a European union representative. Only the most powerful countries are allowed. This year, Brisbane are holding the exclusive event. All the countries together represent 2/3 of the worlds population, and hold 85% of the worlds money.

The G20 is used so the most powerful countries come together to talk about the most important issues in the world. Some topics that get a mention are trade, energy, jobs and many more. Most of the decisions made will most likely affect you in one way or another.

BTN – GST changes

The GST tax is a tax that most Australian kids have to pay. And its charged on things you buy or on things people do for you.

Taxes are used so the government has enough money to pay for important things. But some things like eggs and flour aren’t taxed. But some things we buy are. Which means most Australian kids have too. This is called the GST (the goods and services tax). The GST is 10% of the price we pay for our food. The services part is when people do things for us. If something was to cost you $200, $20 directly to the government.

The GST tax was introduced in the 2000’s, but long before it they had the idea. All the money raised and collected would go to the states. It was very controversial but after long debates it was finally introduced. But there was still some compromises the government had to agree to.

Like the fact that some things had to be excluded, like basic foods. This includes bread, fruit, milk,etc. There are some health, education and exports are GST free as well.

Overall the GST raises about 50 billion dollars a year which is a lot of money. But now the federal government has plans of changing it to raise more. Some of the possible changes are increase the percentage that goes to the government or removing the exclusions of the tax on things like basic foods.

but the change is a big deal and all of the states would have to agree with that first, what whatever is in store in the future is sure to be a good battle.

We’ve all heard of weird organizations but this one is different. It’s an organization that motivates kids to go to school, and they have an interesting way of doing so.

They’ve decided to help kids by going to school by having one rule. No school no sport. This foundation started about 15 years ago with just 25 boys. Now it’s gone to 59 academy’s. The foundation helps with work and health along with some extra life skills.

This is also a good way of motivating kids to become athletes. Some kids from the program have made it big so they’re hoping they can do the same with cricket.

part of the program is for each kid ho have training and some practise games. Which all leads up to big tournaments. Their ambitions are for some kids to were the respected baggy green!

BTN -Cat ban

In Canberra there is talk about banning cats from rooming outside their property. That means their owners have to keep them in cages all the time or just keep them inside. One of the reasons that the Canberra City are looking at it is because of  them hunting native animals. Conservationists and even cat owners are getting behind because it can help cats live longer lives.

There are many different opinions on this topic and if Canberra go ahead with the new law it would be an Australian first.

BTN – Lacrosse

There are many sports we’re not familiar with. One of those sports could be lacrosse. Some people would say they’ve never heard of lacrosse but some would say they have.

Lacrosse started in native America. Hundreds of people played the newly founded game. It’s changed a lot since then, but now in America and Canada it’s increasing in popularity. Lacrosse is becoming more world wide and Australians are starting to take interest.

In men’s lacrosse there are 10 players on each team including the goalkeepers. They have to do what ever they can to get they ball into the back of the net with their lacrosse sticks. In women’s lacrosse there are 2 extra players and it’s a non contact sport.

So, although you might not know what lacrosse is there are people who are trying to make it bigger in Australia.

BTN – Palau Fishing

There are many places where fishing is custom. Palau is one of those places, but lately the locals say its harder to catch the fish. There are over 21,000 people living in Palau and most of them earn money from tourism. People come from all over the world to see beneath the Palau waters.

But there is another way that the people make money, and that is the fishing industry. They are mainly after tuna weighed between 25 to 70 kg! But now because fishing is so big, some species of tuna are becoming extinct. The question is people have been fishing here for a long time so why is the supply running out now? We’ll its because of fishing boats using something called a fish aggregating device. Its used to attract schools of fish so the companies can get more fish. But that is illegal so Palau have water police patrolling the area.

But the one lesson people need to be aware of is fish conservation. If everyone follows that rule there will be a whole lot more fish.

BTN – Wood Sport

You may have never heard of it before, but some say he sport of wood chopping started hundreds of years ago. It started when two people competed to see who could chop the tree down the fastest. Now there are national and international championships. Although you might not have heard of it, it is an ever growing sport.

BTN – Flag Day

On the 3rd of September, 1901 Australia’s national flag was raised for the first time. The occasion is now celebrated as flag day. But why does our flag look like it does. The flag that was chosen was officially recognized of the 3rd of September which is now national flag day.

The flag has two main points to it. One is the Union Jack which represents our English settlers. There is also the Southern Cross which is star constellation that can always be seen from Australia. finally a seven point star which represents the states and territories.

But people are starting to think we should change the flag. the union jack is made of three different flags: England, Saint Patrick’s Saltire and Scotland. But in Scotland there are speculations of becoming independent. This means Scotland wont be in union jack, so it would look different. This is why people think e should change the Australian flag.

one of the other arguments is the current flag doesn’t represent the aboriginals. So they think we should have one that includes everyone.

But some say we shouldn’t change it at all. They say its a big part of our country’s history and represents all those who fought for their country. So what do you think?