100 WC WEEK 14

Today was the day.Finally, we were going to camp. During class we had been learning about some famous ship wrecks and on camp we were going to see a replica of the titanic. I know camp is meant to be about having fun and no one wants to learn, but this was different, it was going to be very cool! The only negative was that the place we are going to is Canberra, which is extremely far away. Plus we have to take the bus which is rather annoying, but I guess if we were going to fly it would cost more.

100 WC WEEK 11

It was dark as I trudged along the castles barriers. The beaming lights glowing within the walls the firefly’s lighting up the night sky. I longed ever so much to be with normal people. Being a peasant doesn’t get you much. I have to work 50 hours a week every week. I didn’t get paid a lot either. Suddenly there was a crash and some screaming. I ran towards the noise, and they were rebels trying to crash their way through the castle doors. I knew they would eventually get killed one way or another so I sprinted away as fast as I could.

100 WC WEEK 10

The great beast roamed towards the kids, and as he shivered the kids ran. For all they were worth. They could see only one escape from the cave and they headed straight for it. But somehow the light was fading from existence and after about 5 seconds it was gone, they were trapped. They had no way out, but there biggest problem was the beast chasing behind them. They had a far bit of ground on them but the monster was fast. So they had to hide. They climbed up a wall that was covered in little cracks so they could climb, at least they wouldn’t get eaten.

100 WC WEEK 9

I lifted the heavy cat as I walked towards my swimming pool. I knew today was going to be very very hot. So I bought a nice looking green ice box to keep my drinks nice and cold. I don’t know why I brought my cat with me, maybe I was bored. For some reason my cat loved the water. Apparently cats aren’t meant to like the water. So in a way my cat is special.

I looked down at the surface of the pool and saw a crack, it must be broken. It was bit late though as I jumped into the water.

100 WC WEEK 8

I was running fast, close behind me was a freaky person. Dressed from head to toe in black cloak. I don’t know what his problem was but I didn’t want to find out. I could see a little shop to my left so I ran towards it. I looked inside through a window on the side of the shop. Inside it was dark but I thought I could make out a figure. So I knocked on the door but no response. I checked the door by pushing. The door shut, and I knew that something bad was happening. Oh no!

100 WC WEEK 7

I could not believe the smell. It rose up from beneath the earth. I think the smell was coming from the ground because it was coming in waves of steam. I really wanted to go, but of course my parents had some reason to stay that isn’t even relevant to the tour. I started to gag the smell was horrible. I’ve I stay any longer I might throw up. I really had to get away so I told my mum I was going to the toilet. I probably wouldn’t go back to the tour, I bet the toilet smells better!

100 WC WEEK #4

In the land that everybody forgo you have to learn to make your own meals. For example lest night I had oranges with pepper covering them. Believe me, don’t ever try that! Despite not having a soft warm bed that I get to sleep in every night my bed isn’t that bad. I just have to sleep on grass. The neighbours around the area are not very friendly either. Having crocodiles as neighbours isn’t a very good idea. I think I might consider going back to normal human cities or country sides because I don’t think this is going to work out.

100 WC WEEK #6

I was living in a town struck by natural disasters from the time it was settled to right now.

One day it happened the earths roar was a give away to what was coming. We ran towards our cellar, the metal doors were shut but with struggle we opened them. We took our most personal belongings with us and we stayed in that cellar for months before returning to the surface. I was barley able to see but I didn’t really want to, but suddenly I was able to see again and it was horrible. Everything I ever knew was destroyed.

100 WC WEEK #3

I’ve been looking forward to this day since I was 6. When I was 6 years old my auntie promised me that in ten years she would take me to France. Now that I am on the plane right now going to France makes me feel funny. The first sight we are going to see is a bridge in Avignon. I’ve seen pictures, and it looks like some of it has broken off! The end of the bridge is half way across the lake or river that it goes across. I can’t wait until I get to France it will be so cool!!

100 WC WEEK 2

I don’t know why, but there I was on the couch watching the worlds worst game show. But I was to bored to do anything else, so I decided to join in. Despite my intentional thoughts it wasn’t so bad after all. But the questions were really easy. One of the questions was: What is the colour of a banana? I don’t why but the contestant said blue. “But it is yellow!!!!” I screamed at the T.V. Wow these shows are really addictive. I thought I should probably stop watching T.V., after this one more episode. Or not!!