About Me

Hi my name is jack and I am 9 years old my favorite sports are tennis, football, swimming and cricket. My favorite food is lasanga my hobbies include sailing and drawing and all arts and craft. I have five people in my family an older sister and a younger brother. I like sport animals and art.

I like tennis because it’s fun and it improves your hand and eye coordination. I also like football because it keeps you fit and healthy. I like swimming because it’s fun and it pushes you  to your best. I like cricket because I like running around when I am fielding.

I like sailing because I like to get the feeling of being out at see for a while I also like traipsing on a boat traipsing is when the boat is tipping and you hang out the side of the boat to pull the boat back up straight. I like drawing because it’s a fun way to express your self and I like to create and make crafts and all different things with different materials.I like all sports and animals.

I like animals because there fun to play with and I like to watch them walk around in a funny way.

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