Camp Reflection (I couldn’t believe it when….)

I couldn’t believe it when we were at questacon, and I saw the giant vertical slide. When I walked in that was the first thing I saw. I also heard screams as I saw people drop from the metal bar, sliding down the huge slide. But the funny thing was that we had to wear these weird looking jumpsuits, it looked like we were tradies at work. I liked the look of the side and decided to give it a go. The jumpsuits didn’t only look weird but also felt rather uncomfortable. It’s also very hard to walk up stairs in them. We were in groups of about 10 when we went for our turn. I was about the third or fourth one to drop. It was very nerve racking watching everyone else go so that’s why I went as soon as possible. The sudden rush you felt was breathtaking. My stomach lurched and it felt like I was flying until I hit the slide and I came back down to Earth again. That was the first time I had experienced something like that before. It made me wan’t to do it again so I did exactly that. But as I was walking up the stairs the rest of the group left. So there I was with 10 others. Waiting for everyone to go down the slide. This time around, it felt different, the rush was the same but the experience wasn’t. It felt like it only lasted a second.

We ended up waiting in that games room for a while, because people were still going down the slide. Out of everything we did on camp questacon may have been the most enjoyable experience of all.

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